Ecoterra: a blockchain ecosystem for user rewards and company action on climate change.

All-in-one Recycle2Earn app featuring recycling tokens and ecology actions. Recycled Materials & Carbon Offset marketplaces and more — for empowering companies and rewarding consumers.

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recycle2earn application

Earn ecoterra for your eco-friendly actions with our 'R2E' app, where every recyclable item equals an amount of ecoterra.

carbon offset marketplace

Make a tangible impact on the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint using ecoterra or other cryptocurrencies.

recycled materials marketplace

Empower your business's sustainability efforts by purchasing recycled plastic, glass, or aluminum using ecoterra or other cryptocurrencies.

impact trackable profile

Track your positive impact actions and environmentally friendly practices to improve your brand image and increase your customer loyalty.

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Earn ecoterra by recycling with our newly launched web application

Did you know that there's absolutely no difference between using our web-based application and a dedicated application? Seamlessly operational and equally efficient, it's designed to deliver the same user experience, earning you ecoterra rewards.

Currently, it's available in Germany and Romania; however, we are actively working to expand its availability to more countries.

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Empower your business’s sustainability efforts


Recycled materials

Carbon offset


Lead the way with recycling rewards, materials exchange, and invaluable eco data

Position your company as a leader in the fight against climate change by purchasing recyclable materials

Inspire consumers to recycle by matching ecoterra rewards with purchased PET, glass, aluminium, and even green energy packages.

Gain access to our AI-powered database for rewarding your customers with ecoterra

Every transaction is a source of powerful insights into consumer recycling habits, product choices, and actionable, eco-friendly data.

Inspire your audience and make a connection with transparent impact exposure

Create an eco-friendly brand image with advertisable, calculated, and transparent data on purchased recyclables and your impact on climate change.


A recycled materials marketplace powered by blockchain technology

Connect with companies all over the world and purchase recycled materials

Ecoterra promotes unity in the fight against climate change by making the purchase of recycled materials accessible through a single app.

Browse, filter, and find the exact material type that makes the biggest impact

Advanced filtering, specifications, and material options make it easy to purchase and integrate recycled materials right into your business.

Post special requests to fill orders or find unique material specifications

Ecoterra creates opportunities for companies to make innovations together in the fight against climate change through special requests and order fulfillment.

Pay right through the app with ecoterra tokens, various cryptocurrencies, or FIAT

Flexible blockchain transactions through ecoterra make recycled materials purchase one of the easiest processes in your operation.


Expand your impact-making potential with carbon offsets from around the world

Purchase carbon offsets directly through the ecoterra app

Use ecoterra tokens or other forms of cryptocurrency to purchase carbon offsets that extend your impact far and wide.

Fully verified carbon offsets in partnership with VERA and other certified standards

All carbon offsets purchased through ecoterra are the real deal and acquired through certified registries and programs.

Gain achievements for all your efforts and make your impact known

Ecoterra puts all your eco-friendly actions in the spotlight with an impact profile that s visible to the world.

Share your profile with a QR code or link anywhere and make your impact easy to see and understand

Detailed statistics and user-friendly illustrations on CO2 reduction, climate impact timelines, and equivalent comparisons, with unlockable NFTs for every achievement.

Recycle and earn ecoterra in 3 easy steps


Scan the barcode of recyclable products for an instant match in our AI-powered database

Use the ecoterra app to scan plastic, glass bottles and aluminium can barcodes

Scan product barcodes and find them in our database before visiting an RVM to earn ecoterra every time you recycle.

Scan your electricity bill to earn ecoterra on green energy-producing technology

Have solar panels cranking away? Scan your electric bill to get ecoterra and contribute to a sustainability feedback loop.

Match your favourite products to our expansive database of brands and recyclables

From scanning accurate product types to brand, volume, weight, material, and more, we make sure you get the ecoterra you deserve.


Recycle and upload your RVM receipt for an instant ecoterra deposit to your account

Find a local RVM machine right through the ecoterra app

Ecoterra does the legwork with instant GPS geolocation of a nearby RVM machine.

Place your recyclable items into the RVM for processing

Make sure you’ve matched your recyclable items with our database before recycling as you normally do.

Take a photo of your RVM receipt and upload it to the app

Once you’ve finished recycling, make sure to get your receipt — and upload a photo to the ecoterra app.

Earn ecoterra for each individual item and every time you recycle

Any item you recycle with a match in our database earns you ecoterra tokens instantly.


Earn ecoterra tokens for recycled materials & green energy to spend, sell, stake or donate

Plant trees with ecoterra through various-scale projects and initiatives around the globe

Donate tokens and fill the world with air. Ecoterra is a proud partner of verified tree-planting campaigns on several continents.

Ecologisze landfills, oceans and forests through green projects and solar & wind technology

Donate tokens to fund verified cleaning projects and investments in green technology adoption in communities around the world.

Educate the young generation about the impact of climate change and inspire counteraction

Donate tokens to fund educational programs aimed at instilling future care of the world through dedicated platforms such as udemy.

Use ecoterra tokens to purchase sustainable and eco-friendly products for everyday use

Recycling pays for itself with ecoterra, where a dedicated marketplace of eco-friendly products reinforces sustainability while saving you money.

Meet the team

Mihai is a successful CEO with a background in digital marketing. As a leader of a digital agency that collaborated with top brands, he has gained a distinct understanding of the demands and difficulties faced by businesses in today's digital landscape.
Gabriel is a passionate and experienced business leader. As CEO of a successful Eastern European recycling company, he improved the region's waste management. With his knowledge and innovative approach, Gabriel plays a pivotal role in ecoterra’s development.
Cristian is a successful business executive and entrepreneur. As a partner in a top Eastern European recycling company, he helped position the company as a leader in the region. With his commitment and passion to sustainability, Cristian is a driving force behind ecoterra.
Software Developer
Valentin is a talented software developer and entrepreneur. He created ClipShare, a popular video sharing script. His commitment to user-friendly solutions made his in-demand in the tech community.
Blockchain Developer
Robert is a driven software developer with an exceptional ability to learn and master new technologies quickly. His passion for technology and his determination to succeed make him an asset to any development team.
Marketing Manager
Anita is a talented video director with a passion for storytelling and a strong background in marketing. With experience working with top brands like Emporio Armani and BMW, Anita has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, impactful content.

Frequently asked questions

Ecoterra is addressed to a diverse range of utilizers, including individuals who recycle, small businesses, large corporations, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The project aims to provide benefits and solutions to all of these groups in order to create a more sustainable future. By addressing their needs , ecoterra hopes to create a comprehensive approach to recycling, circular economy and carbon offsetting, integrating it with blockchain technology for transparency, security and ease of use.

Utilizing blockchain technology ecoterra is committed to step up circular economy processes by providing a recycled materials marketplace and creating a platform for incentivizing individuals to recycle. This not only helps to increase recycling rates, but it also provides a unique opportunity for people to earn rewards while making a positive impact on the environment. ecoterra is also able to provide a transparent and secure way of tracking emissions and carbon credits, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change through our carbon offset marketplace.

You can earn Ecoterra tokens by recycling through a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) in small or large stores. Every time you recycle an item through an RVM, you will receive a certain amount of Ecoterra tokens as a reward. This provides an incentive for individuals to recycle and helps to increase overall recycling rates. To start earning Ecoterra tokens, simply scan your product’s barcode, locate a store with an RVM and begin recycling your items. After scanning the RVM’s receipt, you will receive a certain number of ecoterra tokens for each item that you recycled, and you can use these tokens to sell, hold, stake or donate to environmental causes. By recycling you are not only helping to create a more sustainable future, but you are also being rewarded for your efforts.

Carbon offsetting is a process where individuals or businesses can offset their carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The idea is that by investing in projects that reduce emissions, the impact of one's own emissions can be "offset" or reduced. Carbon offsetting can take many forms, including investing in renewable energy projects, planting trees, or supporting energy efficiency measures in developing countries. The goal of carbon offsetting is to reduce the overall level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Carbon offsetting is seen as a way for individuals and businesses to take responsibility for their own emissions and make a positive impact on the environment. It provides a way for people to mitigate the impact of their emissions and support the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon economy.

Ecoterra can be used by a variety of brands, including those that are committed to sustainability and the use of recycled materials. Some well-known brands in this category include Patagonia, The North Face, and H&M. These brands are leaders in the sustainable fashion and outdoor industries, and they are known for their commitment to using environmentally friendly materials and reducing their carbon footprint. In addition to clothing and outdoor brands, a wide range of other industries can also benefit from using ecoterra. For example, packaging and consumer goods companies like Coca Cola, Heineken etc. can use recycled materials to reduce their environmental impact, while technology companies can also use the platform to offset their emissions and support renewable energy projects. Overall, ecoterra is designed to be a flexible and versatile solution that can be used by a large variety of brands and industries. By providing a way to offset emissions and support sustainable practices, it offers a practical and effective solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Carbon offsetting can be a legitimate way to address the issue of carbon emissions, but its effectiveness and legitimacy depend on a number of factors. On the one hand, carbon offsetting can help to reduce the overall level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by supporting projects that reduce emissions. By investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other emissions-reducing projects, individuals and businesses can offset their own emissions and help to mitigate the impacts of climate change. However, the legitimacy of carbon offsetting also depends on the quality of the offset projects and the transparency and accountability of the offset providers. To ensure the legitimacy of carbon offsetting, it is important to choose offset projects that are independently verified, transparently managed, and have a clear and measurable impact on reducing emissions. It is also important to look for offset providers that have a good track record and a commitment to sustainability. In order to achieve this, we partner with Verra, the world’s leading standards for climate action.

Essential Metrics to Drive Business Growth

Boost your business reputation by showcasing your positive impact profile

Consumer goodsSuitable for companies like: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Evian etc.

Apparel industrySuitable for companies like H&M, Zara, Nike, Adidas etc.

Tech companiesSuitable for companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix etc.

Hospitality industrySuitable for companies like Delta Airlines, Qatar, Hilton, Marriot etc.